Buying, Made Better.

Digital Concierge Buying Service

Reduce confusion with personalised comparisons

Comparing multiple cars side by side from different dealers is always good, we take this a stage further and allow you to compare them against the car you currently drive to help you really understand the differences. You can then be more confident that the car you are interested in buying will suit your specific needs.

Improve buying confidence with our Vehicle Match Score

The vehicle match score helps you review the cars based on your ideal requirements, allowing easy comparison between cars with no prior knowledge. You can then relax, knowing you have selected the right car!

Save time by viewing aggregate car review scores

You don’t want to spend hours hunting for reviews on the web, so we compile a list of all the industry review scores on that car, in one location, to give you a more comprehensive understanding and overview.

Lower your stress by using our Negotiation Engine

Don’t like haggling? Don’t worry! Our automated negotiation tool contacts a wide range of dealerships, allowing you to relax while it does the hard work to find you the best deal. All you need to do is give basic feedback on a quote that is relayed to the dealership.

Get a second opinion from a friend

We know you value your friend’s opinions, so get feedback from the friends whose advice you trust - just like they were alongside you.

No spam or unwanted calls

We don't share your personal details with suppliers until you are ready to purchase. Buying Butler keeps your name, contact information and address anonymous until you are ready to contact a supplier. This way you avoid unnecessary interruptions, spam emails and phone calls.

“Thank you so much for being ultra-efficient and knowledgeable and for helping me to navigate the tricky business of finding and buying a car. Can't tell you how much easier and more pleasant it's been to deal with you instead of car salesmen - buying my Evoque direct from a very pushy dealership was NOT a fun experience, believe me, but this has felt like having someone on my side” Sadie, Radcliffe-on-Trent

"I knew I wanted an SUV, but finding all the information I needed to decide on the manufacturer and model was a real time drain! I contacted Buying Butler to help me speed up my decision. It became clear the best choice for me was a Nissan Qashqai, within a week I had chosen the model and ordered a '65 plate and saved myself 22.1% on the list price which was a real bonus." Anna, Nottingham

“I came to Buying Butler with a good idea of what I wanted – the BMW Mini Clubman…. It’s styling and practicality were key for me. I submitted my request on Buying Butler’s software platform and within 12 hours I had 2 responses from local dealers. I opted for the frugal 1.4 engine as I do a lot of city driving. The car was great and just what I wanted - so within less than 24 hours being notified of the car through Buying Butler I was driving home in my new car! Buying Butler saved me quite a few hours of trawling the classifieds!” Lynda, Nottingham

“Buying Butler really helped me make a car purchase in confidence whilst in completing my contract in India as I was in no position to arrange this before I returned back to the UK. Their assistance and ability to identify, short-list and supply me relevant options was great and ultimately they sourced a vehicle that was not listed on any website or dealer system. They and their platform delivered a great concierge service that saved me hours of work and I got a great deal on my car that was delivered to my home address the day I stepped off the plane” Kevin, Nottingham

"There’s no way I could have come up with all the options in the time period that Buying Butler did. I can only go on personal experience to say that the service from them was exceptional, they are people who you can have a conversation with and they are there to help you on that journey. From my perspective I would definitely recommend them and I will definitely use them again." John, Radcliffe-on-Trent

“Buying Butler were just what I needed when I wanted to buy a new car. Although I knew what make and model of car I wanted, I did not know about the variations within the model or which would be the better buy. Nor did I have time to research the market for my new car, or spend time visiting garages to find what I wanted. This is where Buying Butler were such a help. They educated me about the market so I was a lot savvier and did all the groundwork on finding me the car to match my requirement. It saved me a lot of time and aggravation and I now have a car which I am incredibly pleased with.” Sally-Ann, Stafford

"I’ve owned 56 cars since the early 50’s, so I know what I’m doing when it comes to negotiating with dealers! However, I now find it quite frustrating and buying a car creates unnecessary stress, so to have Buying Butler do the research for me was great! I needed a car that was easy to get in and out for my wife and I, and something that is economical, and easy to park in the city centre. Buying Butler’s suggestions centred around the super-mini category and the Hyundai i10 seemed my best option. So 2 days later I ordered one brand new, and saved 15% off list price." John, Salisbury

We're currently in Private Beta with a number of employers and benefit providers, please register your interest and we will let you know when our service goes public!